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  • AHERA and NESHAP inspections

  • Collect samples to determine asbestos content

  • Conduct training to meet OSHA class II, III, and IV worker requirements

  • Prepare an operations and maintenance program

  • Conduct clearance inspections and third-party air sampling

Teton Environmental Health LLC is an EPA-accredited company that can carry out asbestos testing and investigations on your residential or commercial property. This will help you find out if asbestos is present and whether it poses a health risk or not.


Trust our investigation, training, and services to be carried out in compliance with OSHA and EPA regulations.

Professional asbestos surveys

Helping you avoid asbestos-related nightmares

  • Performing initial and 3-year building inspections

  • Preparing management plans

  • Providing project oversight to meet OSHA and EPA requirements for K-12 school, building renovations, and demolitions

  • Providing an on-site NESHAP competent person for demolitions

Get reliable asbestos inspections and solutions

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