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  • Mold Inspection

  • Bacteria and pollen in clean room environments

  • Airborne contaminants in health care settings

  • Hazardous and toxic chemicals

  • Airborne dusts

  • Radon

Millions of invisible but potentially harmful pollutants are often present in the air; even in the most well-maintained home or office.


If you have hidden mold or poor air circulation, a property inspection by Teton Environmental Health LLC can reveal the problems and help you take the necessary actions to solve them.

Reliable Indoor air quality inspection services

Evaluating factors that negatively impact indoor air

Not sure if the air in your home or office is free from particles or gasses? Let us help you with our expert indoor air quality analysis.


We're fully equipped to test the air in your residential or commercial property and provide you with adequate results.

Adequate analysis to help improve your air quality

You’ll feel better knowing you are breathing clean air. Call us to inspect your property today.


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